Rare, Father-Daughter, Tender Christmas Moment

Mount Scott Near Lawton Oklahoma
Mount Scott near Lawton, Oklahoma
Photo by C. Packer

By Rev. Danny Scott

I remember when I was still a very young child, my dad’s mother, my grandmother, Alice Watson, came to live with us in our small home in Shannon, Alabama (now called Oxmoor Valley and Ross Bridge).

Granny Scott, as I sometimes called her, was a native Arapaho Souix Indian from the area of Lawton Oklahoma and Fort Sill.   In 1876, my Grandpaw Monroe Scott purchased her.   He  traded 7 horses for her.  She was only 13 years old at the time.

Grandmaw’s Indian name was Little Feather, but Grandpaw Monroe changed her name to Alice Watson.

He brought her by covered wagon to Chilton County in the town of Thorsby, Alabama.

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This post was submitted by Rev. Danny Scott.