Campfire Cafe Takes Outdoor Cuisine to the Next Level


Call me slow, but I only recently learned of an outdoor cooking tv show, web site, and blog called “Campfire Cafe”. If you love to camp, and love outdoor cooking, this is a must-see series for you, and you should definitely bookmark their blog and website.
When their new season premiers on September 26th, it will air on RFD-TV (Dish channel 231, Directv channel 345).  They air Monday at 5:30 pm EST and Tuesday at 3:30 am EST.  So, the Tuesday airing time has “record me” all over it.  Set it up in your DVR and just watch it when you want plop down on that sofa in the evening.

Six Degrees of Separation – The Roys Did Their New Theme Song!

The Roys with Campfire Cafe Hosts Pamela Alford and Larry Wisehart

The Roys with Campfire Cafe Hosts Pamela Alford and Larry Wisehart

Anyone following “Raised Country!” knows that we have a soft spot in our hearts for The Roys, ICM award winners two years in a row. Well, The Roys have created the new theme song for Campfire Cafe!

From Their “About Us” Page

Before clicking the following link, beware that it starts playing upon arrival.  So, if you’re at the office and your speakers are on, you’ve been warned that you’re gonna make some noise.  :o)
Go check out Campfire Cafe’s “About Us” video.  It’s one they did back when they were just launching. This page is actually not easy to find, and needs a little updating, but the clip therein might get you pretty “fired up” to learn some tricks from these folks.
They’re not a traditional “dutch oven” cooking show.  They combine modern techniques with old to produce what they call “gourmet campfire cuisine”.

Cruising With Larry’s Country Diner and Country’s Family Reunion

Larry Gatlin, Gene Watson, T. Graham Brown, Moe Bandy & Others Go Cruisin’ with Cast of Larry’s Country Diner and Country’s Family Reunion

Larry's Country Diner host Larry Black

Caribbean Cruise Promises Plenty of Country Music and Home-spun Humor

Nashville, TN (August 9, 2011) — Larry’s Country Diner and Country’s Family Reunion cast members will be taking to the high seas early next year (January 16-21) with hopes you’ll come along for the Caribbean cruise of a lifetime.  Larry Gatlin, Gene Watson, Moe Bandy, Barbara Fairchild, T. Graham Brown and Teea Goins are among an the impressive list of country stars who’ll be onboard.  Of course, you can also count on all your diner favorites like Larry, Nadine, Keith, Renae and The Sheriff to join in the fun too.

“If you like to laugh at us at the diner, just wait till you see us in our bathing suits,” jokes Larry Black, the star of Larry’s Country Diner.  “There’s no telling what we might get into when we’re away from everybody who knows us.”

The Cruise ship pulls out of port on January 16th, 2012, and returns January 21st.  In between, guests will enjoy five glorious days of music, dancing, and enough laughter to last long after they get home.  The cruise line promises endless on-board activities plus port calls in Jamaica and Haiti.

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