Guy Penrod’s Prayin’ About Everything

Guy Penrod’s New Single, “Pray About Everything,” Offers Solace In Difficult Times – At Radio Now

Debut 2010 Solo Tour Put Artist Before 150,000-plus Fans

Nashville, TN (January 5, 2011) – Guy Penrod’s new single, “Pray About Everything,” is available now to country radio via Play MPE and CDX Vol. #513. Written by Nashville hit-makers Bob Regan and Jeff Stevens, the single owes its success not only to Guy’s amazing vocal and the high-energy track, but also to Penrod’s powerhouse promotion team, which includes Nancy Tunick (GrassRoots Promotions) and John Ettinger and Chris Allums (Quarterback).

“Pray About Everything” offers solace in difficult times, and during his recent debut solo tour, over 150,000 fans heard Guy’s message of hope. “The first time I heard this song, I knew I had to cut it,” says Penrod. “Its message is central to the way we live our lives, and it is such a poignant message for the day.” Prone to worry, Guy’s concerns encompass themes familiar to us all: How things could have been done differently; failures (real and imagined); worry about the future and challenges yet faced. “I worry about how I’ll afford college tuition for my eight children, and how to be a good husband.” But for Penrod, this song’s message holds a special and important reminder. “We are not alone,” says the former lead singer for The Gaither Vocal Band. “And it helps to remember that prayer really can bring about change.”

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