The Roys – Raised Musical! … Together


Lee and Elaine Roy

RC: Lee and Elaine, what are some of the earliest memories you have of wanting to play music as kids?

LR (Lee Roy): For me, I was probably about five.

I remember my grandmother playing fiddle, and my grandfather doing the old time Acadian dances. Uncles and aunts would all play guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and sing.

I remember going to church, then going over to my grandmother’s for dinner afterward. It was a “gimme.” As sure as there was going to be food on the table there was going to be music that afternoon. I couldn’t wait to get there to hear them start playin’ the fiddle and start singin’.

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Bigger Worms Catch Bigger Fish!!

By Amanda Finch

My cousin, Kevin, and I were (once upon a time) quite young; perhaps four years old at the time this tale took place.

We loved to loiter on our granny’s boat dock down on Lake LBJ. It may still have been called Lake Granite Shoals back then, but I was too young to know or care. Just as I was too young to know what it was we pulled out of the minnow net that day. Continue reading

This post was submitted by Amanda Finch.