Susan Hickman’s Christmas Tale


Susan Hickman

Christmas at the Hickman’s was always a memorable time of year for us. The importance of traditions is something my mother tried to instill in me and my sister Sadie.

There are always a lot of things to do before the big day arrives: setting up the advent calendar, picking out what songs we are going to sing for Christmas Day caroling and roasting marshmallows over scented candles.

One of the special traditions we honor every year is the Christmas Eve potato soup dinner. My mom was one of four children of a Nazarene Minister, and they had very little money for food and holiday frill.

What little money that my grandparents could spare was used for simple gifts for my mom, her brothers and sisters.

Potatoes were free (since they grew them in their garden), and if the children ate all of their soup, they could open their presents. According to my mom, potatoes were about as appetizing as dirt – since they were a very common menu item. But needless to say, the kids ate their soup, presents were opened, the Christmas story was read, prayers were said and the excitement grew as Santa drew near (my grandfather was the real Santa Claus).

Nowadays, my dad snaps random pictures while Mom makes the soup. Sadie, my husband Matt and I (and the puppies) sit and watch, decked out in our new pajamas (another Christmas tradition). We have our potato soup, open our presents and remember humble beginnings and what Christmas is all about: family spending time together, slowing down all the hustle and bustle of daily life and of course, the birthday of our Lord and Savior.”

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