Same Blade, Different “Onion”

By Mike Makuch


In my youth (around 1970), I spent a lot of time on my Granddad’s farm near Pottsboro, Tx. One of my earliest memories of the farm was before the house had been built.  My Granddad, Uncle JW, and myself were sleeping under the stars that night. I was probably about 10 or 11.

For dinner this evening my Uncle JW had grilled up some hamburgers. We had all the fixins too, lettuce, tomatoes and onions etc., from the garden not a hundred feet from where we were eating and would sleep that night. Pretty tasty after a days work on the farm.

I remember Uncle JW using the pocket knife from his pocket to slice the tomato and onion. After slicing up the veggies he simply wiped the blade off on his pant leg, folded it and stuck it back in his pocket.

That day we had been working with the cattle a bit. There were a few young bulls that needed to be cut. My Granddad instructed me to “grab that little bull”. And so I did. I grabbed him, picked him up and threw him on his back. I was a pretty big kid for my age.

My Granddad and I held down the calf while Uncle JW went to work. He reached into his pocket for his pocket knife and proceeded to rid that bull of his testicles … with the same knife that he later cut up those tomatoes and onions.

I’ve kept a pocket knife in my pocket ever since.

This story is 100% true.

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