Mark Wayne Glasmire’s Christmas Tale


Mark Wayne Glasmire

“I have been blessed to have nothing but fond memories of Christmas throughout my entire life. Having been born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, “The Christmas City,” has always made those memories that much more special.

I believe my fondest memories are of the times that my family spent together crammed into the old Plymouth station wagon heading out to see all of the beautiful decorations throughout the city. One of the many traditions there is the placement of solitary white candles in each and every window of almost every home. But the decoration I liked the most was the large star that was located on the top of “South Mountain.”

Every Thanksgiving weekend, the lighting of that star symbolized the beginning of the holiday season. The star could be seen from miles and miles away. Just like the star over the “original” Bethlehem, it would lead people from all over the area to see it and remind them that something good was coming.

For me, Christmas and the star are all about anticipation, reflection, forgiveness, renewal, hope and dreams of what is yet to come. I wish everyone peace, comfort and joy throughout the remainder of this year and into the future.”

This post was submitted by Mark Wayne Glasmire.

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