Mark Wayne Glasmire Celebrates Patriots’ Return

Award-Winning Songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire Celebrates A Patriot’s Return With New Single – “Going Home”

Nashville, TN (August 30, 2011) – Award-winning songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire celebrates a patriot’s return with the release of his newest single, “Going Home.”  The crisp ballad is from the upcoming EP (MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE), and is available now to disc jockeys and programmers via Play MPE and CDX, Vol. 530.

Mark W. Glasmire live shot # 127 ( Carla Elliot) Co-produced by Glasmire and John Albani (Steve Azar, Monty Holmes, Randy Boudreaux), “Going Home” was inspired by a conversation with a friend of Mark’s who was retiring after a decades-long career in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Mark’s vocal is clean and clear yet emotive, and he captures, in lyric and in melody, the uncertainty and hope felt upon returning home after a lifetime away.  The past meets the present, and a glimpse of the future is found in the song’s opening lines:

Early November
Leaves turning colors of red
Yellow and faded brown
Autumn wind blowing from the east
Sun sinking in the west
As I headed out of town
Leaving behind memories, of how my life used to be
Not knowing what lies ’round the bend
Keeping my eyes on a bright new horizon
Starting all over again” – Mark Wayne Glasmire

Video filming is complete, and an extensive radio support tour is planned.  Mark’s new website has been launched, and fans can hear the song at

About Mark Wayne Glasmire

Glasmire has become a popular fixture in the Texas market, opening regularly for Guy Clark, Dierks Bentley and other top-tier acts.  With the release of LIFE GOES ON in 2009, Mark secured a place in the spotlight; he enjoyed several hits, and won several songwriting competitions.  His awards include First Place Honors in: B. W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriting Competition – Dallas, TX, Dallas Songwriters Association Int’l Songwriting Competition – Dallas, TX and GINA/LAWIM Songwriting Competition – Los Angeles, CA. Mark took the Grand Prize in the County Song division of the 2010 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (held at Merlefest), and continues to enjoy chart-topping singles on the International charts.

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