Jody Booth’s Christmas Tale


Jody Booth

“My fondest Christmas memory happens to be every Christmas from the time I could remember to the time I was around 15. We do things a little different down here in East Texas.

We lived about 1000 feet from my Uncle Buzzard, my Mom’s youngest brother.

He had a huge metal barn where he worked on everything from lawnmowers to classic cars.

Over in the corner was an old wood stove sitting right there in the dirt with a pipe running straight up and out of the roof. I will never forget the smell of the pine burning and filling up the barn with smoke, which was probably not very healthy, but no one cared back in those days.

Every year on the weekend before Christmas, the entire family would gather around that old stove. With kids and musical instruments in tow, they would eat until they could hardly move, post up by the stove and proceed to jam.

While my Uncle Charles Lee and cousin Charlie played guitars, my Uncle Curtis played the mandolin and my mom played the fiddle. In my youngest days I remember playing on the dirt floor with my cousins while trying to keep 4 to 6 dogs from their wallered out holes by the wood stove.

In my later years, my interest turned toward the music. Since then Uncles Curtis, Charles Lee and Buzzard have passed away but there memory is still going strong. I guess the fact that they’re all gone is the reason we have not gotten together in a while.”

This post was submitted by Jody Ray Booth.

4 thoughts on “Jody Booth’s Christmas Tale

  1. Becky,

    I agree with almost everything you said about Jody. He definitely has the talent, looks and personality to succeed in making his dream come true. I love to hear him sing. But as to you being his biggest fan, I vehemently disagree. I claim that title loud and clear!!
    I love him too.

  2. Jody, I have to say that those are some of my fondest memories also. I wish we could do it again with everyone. I miss that barn and wood stove and running around in the yard after dark playing. Guess we just ought to be thankful we have those memories. I love you and hope with all my heart that you have a great Christmas. Tell John Thomas I love him too if you ever see him!

    (Editor’s note: This is a different Robin from the Robin who commented on several stories earlier – guess the Robins are out! ;o) Thanks, to both Robins!)

  3. i am jody booths biggest fan! i love jody booth he is awesome! he is the best country singer in the world! i love his neww video (gold Diggerr) it rocks… 🙂 hehe!

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