Indie Artist Grant Langston Seeks Support for New Album

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Grant Langston here. As an independent artist making Americana/Country Music, I’ve played every roadhouse, clubhouse and outhouse that will return my calls. I’ve managed over the years to release 5 records, get some music into TV and film, tour the US and Europe a few times, and get into the Americana charts.

It’s been a great ride and I’ve met so many wonderful friends and fans in my travels. It’s also been quite a challenge. Being an artist has never been easy, and with the changes the music business has seen in the last ten years it won’t be getting easier any time soon.

The new record is an interesting example. I’ve had a record label deal pending for several months. It just fell through, due to their financial situation. I have a producer of world-renown ready to work with us, Paul Q. Kolderie. He’s done some great music with Radiohead, Uncle Tupelo and Hole. The songs are ready. The band is ready. What I need is your help.

We’re using Kickstarter to raise enough funds to make this new record and promote it. I feel that this material, these songs, are my best so far. I can’t wait to record them, and push this baby out to the press, the radio, the Internet and the world. We’ll also be touring in places we’ve never been before bringing the new music to you live.

Our goal is to raise $8,000 by pre-selling the new record. We’ve put together a variety of packages that you can purchase from a $10, just get the CD, option to a $1,000 option that includes a live show and you singing on the album. (How’s your voice these days?)

Kickstarter is a unique and cool site that works like this:

  • You pledge a certain amount of money by clicking the “Back This Project” button
  • You’re taken to Amazon where you input your credit card information. You will need to create an Amazon account. (What does Amazon have to do with this? I have no idea!)
  • If we reach $8,000 in pledges, your card is charged.
  • If we don’t reach $8,000 in pledges, nothing happens to your card.

If you think back to when it used to cost $250,000 to make a quality recording, $8,000 may seem like a minor amount. It’s true that technology has had a dramatic affect on the cost of things. I’ve also had some wonderful people volunteer to cut me deals on this and that. I’m so very grateful for your willingness to support this project.

I’ll be putting up more information, including some video demos of the new songs, over the next few weeks. We have 60 days to raise $8,000. ANY help you provide will be graciously appreciated. Including spreading the word to friends and family.

You can learn more at

For a limited time my last record, Stand Up Man, is available for FREE download from my site. Visit

Love and Thanks,


Project location: Los Angeles, CA


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