Too Slim And Texas Bix Bender Release The Official Sidekick Handbook

How To Unleash Your Inner Second Banana And Find True Happiness

Bassist for Grammy Award-winning comedy and western group Riders In The Sky and author Texas Bix Bender team up to amuse and entertain with this delightful look at the pleasures, pitfalls, and wisdom of living the sidekick life.

The Official Sidekick Handbook
NASHVILLE, TN – (May 11, 2011
) – The wacky duo, Too Slim and Texas Bix Bender, have collaborated for nearly three decades, devising hundreds of scripts for public radio’s Riders Radio Theatre, the late-night TV cowboy movie show Tumbleweed Theatre, and numerous TV and stage specials. In this book they show readers how to harness the power of low expectations and live life the sidekick way. This indispensible guide to the sweet sidekick life teaches the art of being second best. Eat what you want, cash a nice paycheck, and avoid the heavy lifting while getting co-billing.

“There are tons of books about being the fastest rat in the race and losing your sanity in the process,” says Too Slim. “We knew there had to be a better way. The Sidekick Handbook to the rescue.”

Comic book-style illustrated chapters include topics such as locating a suitable hero, the delicate art of ingratiation, the supportive guffaw, famous sidekicks, classic sidekick compliments, how to execute a winning pratfall, and the nuances of attaching yourself to a new hero when the old one is fired. In this insightful and funny guide on how to be a successful side-kick, readers will learn things such as how to identify their sidekick personality, tricks of the trade, and how to take the easy life by the horns and run with it. The Official Sidekick Handbookoffers another option to the self-help books that tell readers how to relentlessly strive to be Number One by sacrificing time and energy in pursuit of “winning”. There is another way, the “sidekick” way.

The Official Sidekick Handbook: How to Unleash Your Inner Second Banana and Find True Happiness (Gibbs Smith, $12.99, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-4236-1920-8, March 2011) by Too Slim and Texas Bix Bender.

About the Authors
Too Slimis the bassist and funny-man for the Grammy Award-winning Comedy and Western group Riders In The Sky. He has written for Riders Radio Theatre, Tumbleweed Theatre, and various stage and TV specials. Writing under the name of wiseacre Fred LaBour, Too Slim was responsible for the satirical fake news story that gave life to the “Paul McCartney Is Dead” rumor many years ago. He lives on the Too Ranch near Nashville.

Texas Bix Bender is the author of eighteen books, including the bestselling Don’t Squat With Yer Spurs Onseries. He has written for television and radio shows, including Hee Haw, The Nashville Network’sTumbleweed Theater, and Riders Radio Theater. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

About Gibbs Smith
For more than 40 years, Gibbs Smith has been specializing in beautifully illustrated lifestyle books covering topics such as interior design, architecture, cooking, children’s, home, green/sustainable and many more.

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