Hank Cochran’s Christmas Tale

Hank Cochran

Hank Cochran

“As a child, I lived with my grandparents and we were very poor. Every year I would hear the other kids talking about Christmas trees and presents – and I really didn’t understand why we didn’t have those things.

We talked about Jesus, but His birthday wasn’t a gift-giving occasion at our small home in Mississippi. One year when I was six or seven, I finally got up the nerve to ask my grandmother why we didn’t celebrate Christmas like everyone else. Her answer was, “You just have to believe.”

Well, that was pretty heady thinking for a kid, but I wanted presents like all of the other kids – so I began to concentrate – and believe.

That Christmas Eve, Grandmother reminded me of my promise to believe, and I went to bed that night praying for “Christmas” with all my might.

That year, my Uncle and my grandparents scrimped and saved to buy me a present. When I awoke on that magical Christmas morning, there was a stocking hung from the mantel, and inside, a toy gun and holster set. I was amazed!

From that day forward, I have understood the power of believing – and that is a present I will forever cherish.”

Hank would like to take this opportunity to thank his family, his many friends and the fans who have continued to pray for him as he battles pancreatic cancer. “I’m doing great right now,” says the legendary songwriter. “The medicines are working and my family continues to encourage me. Those gifts are more than enough to fill my Christmas stocking this year!”

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