City VS. Country Customers

By Suzan VanSandt Schnitzius

I wasn’t raised in the country but I was raised by two people who were. So, I guess I qualify for telling a tale here.  This isn’t so much a tale about country life as it is my observance of the differences in country folks and city slickers.

I was a hairdresser for thirty years.  I worked in Dallas, for twenty of those years and the other ten were spent doing hair in Carthage, Texas – the small country town where I was born, but had only lived for six months.

When I worked in Dallas I had a client base of wonderful people that I really loved.  Even though these people were the “best,” I did notice that they would get pretty upset if I needed to cancel due to a sick child at home.  Working Dallasites seem to be obsessed with time and money.

When I worked in Carthage, no one ever gave me grief about having to cancel for a sick child or any kind of emergency family matter. That’s just the way country folk are. They never seem to be obsessed about time or money.

“You go on home now, honey, and take care of that kiddo. My hair will wait,” they would say.  What country people seem to value most is family and land.

Now, due to life circumstances, I have moved back to Dallas, but I have brought those ten years of country living with me. When I get caught up into the rush of traffic craziness and “must buy this” attitude of the big city, I remember the really important things in my life – my family and my land.

Life is good when you can take a few minutes to watch a child … or an apple tree … grow.

This post was submitted by Suzan VanSandt Schnitzius.

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