Charlie Louvin Film Trailers, DVD Pre-order


December 3, 2010 at the FooBar in Nashville, TN was a unique night. A mixed crowd of kids, elders, hippies and rockers crammed into the small venue to watch something Charlie had done for more than 60 years: Grace the stage and hit those notes. That evening, Charlie was weak off stage, but his presence was felt, and his fans chanted “Charlie, Charlie…” leaving chills on the arms of those who knew his story well. The crew sat down with Charlie the next day and he shared many stories, some new, some old, but he talked with a clarity you wouldn’t expect from a man battling cancer at 83.

On April 15th, 2011 “Devil’s Cage Productions” will launch to feature a handful of trailers and a DVD pre order that will give fans a glimpse into what to expect in the full length film. July 15th is the targeted date for  an exclusive DVD release of 1000 copies. All proceeds from this initial release  will go to Mrs. Charlie Louvin and her family. The film features appearances by  Charlie, Sonny Louvin, George Jones, Marty Stuart, John McCrea, and Emmylou  Harris and chronicles Charlie’s resurgence and influence over his 60 + year  career and 50th anniversary of the Louvin Brothers release: Satan is Real.

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