Central Texas Burns!

Fires are all around us!

Austin, TX (Sept 05, 2011) – Our whole area has fires all around. Thousands have evacuated to refugee centers. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

Bastrop has been hit the hardest, but two other areas of serious concern are Steiner Ranch and the Spicewood Texas area.

Pictures shared on Facebook by the Texas Storm Chasers …

Texas Parks & Wildlife video clip illustrating how fast it spread in a small area with 30 MPH winds



Here’s a video that “went viral” on Saturday, September 4th, and was picked up by CNN:

Here are photos from the Austin American Statesman site. CLICK ON THE PICS BELOW TO GO TO THE STATESMAN AND GET MORE DETAILS:

Credit: American Statesman - Photo by John Dee Barger

Bastrop Fire September 4, 2011

Credit: American Statesman - Photo by (Eric Lupton and Evonne Singh)

The sky is a mass of smoke as far as the eye can see left, right, up, and down in the distance.

Credit: American Statesman - Photo by Eric Lupton and Evonne Singh

Small town dwarfed by massive, bulging smoke clouds that fill the sky in all directions

Credit: American Statesman - Photo by Stacy Michelle Arnold

Country fields in foreground with massive smoke clouds covering the sky in the distance

Credit: American Statesman - (@DazeyDuck)


One thought on “Central Texas Burns!

  1. After looking at the pictures, I guess Cameron came out real well. We lost 2 houses and some garages, and fences and yards. We came out lucky. The people of Cameron came out to help the Fire Dept. The winds were 40 mph, and if the people here had not helped, we would have lost many more homes. Thanks to all who helped.

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