All Night Wolf Hunts


Wolf Image Actually Taken From Yellowstone, Not East Texas

Dogs baying throughout the night in the dark East Texas woods meant that some poor critter was running for its life. When a small red fox zigged and zagged through the thicket at top speed, its heart pounding, its small chest about to explode, the onslaught seemed a tad unbalanced, a bit unfair. At least, Samuel thought so. Sam consoled himself with the fact that the fox’s cleverness and agility would serve it well.

Though its prospects were bleak, it at least had a slim chance of outsmarting Papa Jim’s pack of hunting dogs. Raccoons were rarely as lucky, but this night’s hunt was for neither foxes nor raccoons. It was for wolves.
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This post was submitted by Mike Strong.

Same Blade, Different “Onion”

By Mike Makuch


In my youth (around 1970), I spent a lot of time on my Granddad’s farm near Pottsboro, Tx. One of my earliest memories of the farm was before the house had been built.  My Granddad, Uncle JW, and myself were sleeping under the stars that night. I was probably about 10 or 11.

For dinner this evening my Uncle JW had grilled up some hamburgers. We had all the fixins too, lettuce, tomatoes and onions etc., from the garden not a hundred feet from where we were eating and would sleep that night. Pretty tasty after a days work on the farm.

I remember Uncle JW using the pocket knife from his pocket to slice the tomato and onion. After slicing up the veggies he simply wiped the blade off on his pant leg, folded it and stuck it back in his pocket.

This post was submitted by Mike Makuch.

First Encounter of the Skunk Kind

Skunk Tail

No question, about it.  Robin, having grown up on a farm, and learning all the skills that came with it, was nothing short of an expert marksman.  This wasn’t just with firearms.  Robin could hit a can off a fence from all the way across the field throwin’ a rock free handed.

Mike and Rob were off on one of their regular squirrel hunts, each with their safeties on, and their shotguns slanting to the ground as they’d been taught.  Normally, they’d head out the back pasture behind Robin’s farm.  Today, however, they chose to meander up the dirt road that ran in front of Rob’s house.

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This post was submitted by Mike Strong.