Too Slim And Texas Bix Bender Release The Official Sidekick Handbook

How To Unleash Your Inner Second Banana And Find True Happiness

Bassist for Grammy Award-winning comedy and western group Riders In The Sky and author Texas Bix Bender team up to amuse and entertain with this delightful look at the pleasures, pitfalls, and wisdom of living the sidekick life.

The Official Sidekick Handbook
NASHVILLE, TN – (May 11, 2011
) – The wacky duo, Too Slim and Texas Bix Bender, have collaborated for nearly three decades, devising hundreds of scripts for public radio’s Riders Radio Theatre, the late-night TV cowboy movie show Tumbleweed Theatre, and numerous TV and stage specials. In this book they show readers how to harness the power of low expectations and live life the sidekick way. This indispensible guide to the sweet sidekick life teaches the art of being second best. Eat what you want, cash a nice paycheck, and avoid the heavy lifting while getting co-billing.
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Longview Country Star Celebrates Unsung Heroes in His New Book


Neal McCoy's Book Cover for A New Mountain to Climb

A New Mountain to Climb

LONGVIEW, Texas – After eleven albums, over twenty-five charted singles, and countless fans across the nation, charismatic country music sensation Neal McCoy adds published author to his impressive resumé with the nationwide release of his first book, “A New Mountain to Climb,” based on his newest single by the same name.

When McCoy recorded “A New Mountain to Climb,” he says he thought of people who have inspired him and changed his life. From there, the idea for the book evolved.

Each chapter of the book illuminates the character of those McCoy refers to as his heroes, those who climb life’s toughest mountains through serious physical handicaps, relentless pain, the loss of someone dear, the end of a dream, or leadership under pressure.

Brimming with down-home humor and transparent insight, the book will compel others to find their own heroes – and then make a difference. The book showcases McCoy’s contagious optimism and unwavering belief that people are at their finest when they have a new mountain to climb.
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