29th Annual George Strait Team Roping Classic Awards Grand Champions David Key and Jade Corkil

New Qualifying System is Big Hit with Ropers

Rodeo Winners

San Antonio, TX (March 14, 2011) – The finals for the 29th Annual George Strait Team Roping Classic were held Saturday at the Rose Palace in San Antonio. Forty-two year old David Key from Stephenville, TX and twenty-three year old Jade Corkill from Fallen, Nevada are the new Grand Champions. Fifty teams returned to compete in Saturday’s finals from nearly 500 teams who competed Friday in the preliminaries. This year, founder George Strait made a significant change to how ropers qualified for Saturday finals and cowboys welcomed the new system.

In years past, first day qualifying included two rounds of eliminations with all teams competing together. This year, the 500 teams were broken down into groups of 50 and the Top 5 fastest times from each round qualified for Saturday’s finals. The change resulted in ropers competing against only 49 other ropers versus 100s at a time and an even playing field with the steers in their rotation.

“The new qualifying systems is the fairest way to do it,” says Key. “In the past, the first ropers sometimes got the short end of the stick because it is harder to rope those steer. The later it went the easier it got. No doubt about it this is better.”

“It’s a little more nerve-racking,” admitted Corkill who won the prestigious event in 2009. “When it’s your rotation, you have to be on your game. Before, you might know if you roped a certain time you’d make it in, now it’s all depends on what happens in your rotation.”

Grand Champions Key (Header) and Corkill (Heeler) finished with a 15.62 combined time (3 go rounds) and rode away with custom painted GSTRC Championship Chevy Silverado Duallies from Cavendar Chevrolet (Boerne, TX), Strait X-treme horse trailers from Bruton Trailers, Twister saddles from Tractor Supply, Resitol roping bags, jackets from Wrangler and Justin, Gist belt buckles and half of the $174,600 cash payoff.

Both agreed Strait’s event is the “roping of a lifetime.” “This roping changes lives,” said Key. “People can work all year and don’t make this kind of money. It’s something I have dreamed about for the 20 plus years I have been coming. Thank you Jesus! Thank you George!” Corkill added, “Twelve days ago my son was born. It can’t get any better than that. Winning today ranks number 2 on my list. It’s been a great 12 days in my life!”

The total cash payoff of this year’s GSTRC was $522,500. Add in prizes and the cash value awarded this weekend was over $650,000.

Second place winners, Spencer Mitchell and Cody Cowden took home $69,840 and prizes with a time of 16.10. Third place went to Camish Jennings and Wade Clayton with a time of 16.84. They won $48,016 and other prizes. The 50 Finalists were awarded custom-made 29th Annual GSTRC jackets from Wrangler.

The 29th Annual George Strait Team Roping Classic (GSTRC) took place Friday and Saturday, March 11 & 12, 2011 at the San Antonio Rose Palace in San Antonio, Texas. The event, which originated as a small family roping by George and his late brother Buddy in 1982, has grown into the most prestigious open Team Roping competition in the country with hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs each year. The GSTRC consistently attracts the biggest names in the sport each year but is not just for the big names. As an open roping, ropers of all levels may compete alongside each other for a chance at the big winnings.


Place    Time    Header                    Heeler                 Total           Per Roper
1st        15.62    David Key             Jade Corkill         $174,600    $87,300
2nd       16.10   Spencer Mitchell    Cody Cowden     $69,840      $34,920
3rd        16.84   Camish Jennings    Wade Clayton     $48,016      $24,008
4th        17.33    Nick Rawlings       Richard Durham $43,650      $21,825
5th        17.48    Colby Schneeman  BJ Dugger           $34,920    $17,460
6th        18.59    Cody Owens          Jed Middleton      $26,190    $13,095
7th        20.67    Keven Daniel        Allen Bach           $21,824    $10,912
8th        21.16    Anthony Lucia      Buddy Hawkins   $17,460    $8,730


Place          Time         Header               Heeler              Total       Per Roper
1st              4.49          Brock Hanson    Clay Cooper    $3,000    $1,500
2nd             4.13          Derrick Begay   Cory Petska     $3,000    $1,500
3rd              4.88          David Motes      Ryan Motes    $3,000    $1,500


4.13    Derrick Begay    Cory Petska    $20,000 $10,000


1st Rotation
Bradley Massey    Brent Lockett    $4,620 $2,310
Colt Fisher    Jeremy Mercer    $3,080 $1,540

2nd Rotation
Aaron Tsinigine    Clint Harry    $4,620 $2,310
Aaron Tsinigine    Cory Petska    $3,080 $1,540
3rd Rotation
Matt Adams    Chad Mathis    $4,620 $2,310
Brandon Beers    Ryan Motes    $3,080 $1,540
4th Rotation
Garrett Tonozzi    Broc Cresta    $4,620 $2,310
Spencer Mitchell    Cody Cowden    $3,080 $1,540
5th Rotation
Casey Gattis    Billy Bob Brown    $4,620 $2,310
Kolton Schmidt    Tyrell Flewelling    $3,080 $1,540
6th Rotation
Trevor Brazile    Kory Koontz    $4,620 $2,310
Luke Brown    Martin Lucero    $3,080 $1,540
7th Rotation
Brad Hamilton    JW Cotton    $4,620 $2,310
Chad Masters    Jade Corkill    $3,080 $1,540
8th Rotation
David Key    Clay Cooper    $4,620 $2,310
Quincy Kueckelhan    Paul Eaves    $3,080 $1,540
9th Rotation
Brady Tryan    Jake Long    $4,620 $2,310
Derrick Begay    Cory Petska    $3,080 $1,540
10th Rotation
Jake Cooper    Jake Long    $4,620 $2,310
Charley Crawford    Russell Cardoza    $3,080 $1,540
77000    3850050 FINALISTS1    Nick Sartain    Russell Cardoza
2    Anthony Lucia    Buddy Hawkins
3    Keven Daniel    Allen Bach
4    Tee Woolman    Calvin Taylor
5    Casey Hicks    Billy Jack Saebens
6    Blake Hughes    Steve Orth
7    Colby Schneeman    BJ Dugger
8    Luke Brown    Martin Lucero
9    Cooper Wimberly    James Gililland
10    Cody Owens    Jed Middleton
11    Nelson Linares    Jonathon Torres
12    Matt Robertson    John Robertson
13    Anthony Lucia    Seth Jones
14    Drew Horner    Allen Bach
15    Casey Gattis    Jaytin McCright
16    JD Yates    Caleb Twisselman
17    Blake Teixeira    Ryan Mayfield
18    Kaleb Drigger    Travis Woodard
19    Charley Crawford    Dakota Kirchenschlager
20    Nick Rawlings    Richard Durham
21    Luke Brown    Patrick Smith
22    Bubba Buckaloo    Monty Joe Petska
23    Spencer Mitchell    Cody Cowden
24    Kelsey Parchman    Walt Woodard
25    Turtle Powell    Russell Cardoza
26    Chad Masters    Jade Corkill
27    Brad Hamilton    JW Cotton
28    Kolton Schmidt    Bryan Bacon
29    David Motes    Ryan Motes
30    Colby Lovell    Cory Petska
31    Shank Edwards    Austin Adams
32    David Key    Jake Corkill
33    Camish Jennings    Wade Clayton
34    Brady Tryan    Paul Eaves
35    Casey Gattis    Billy Bob Brown
36    Charley Crawford    Russell Cardoza
37    Derick Fleming    Rhen Richard
38    Derrick Begay    Cesar De La Cruz
39    Shain Sproul    Nano Garza
40    Brock Hanson    Clay Cooper
41    Willie Guerra    Shane Durbin
42    Kevin Stewart    Travis Woodard
43    Bradley Massey    Brent Lockett
44    Garrett Tonozzi    Cody Cowden
45    Colt Fisher    Jeremy Mercer
46    Colby Siddoway    Caleb Twisselman
47    Trevor Brazile    Patrick Smith
48    Aaron Tsinigine    Cory Petska
49    Derrick Begay    Cory Petska
50    Aaron Tsinigine    Clint Harry

Photo Credit: Terry Calogne



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